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Monthly Social Media Management

The Digital Factory provides monthly social media management services for a range of different social platforms including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest. Our team of content marketers have a strong understanding of the different platforms and the types of content and messaging that perform best on each platform. They will work closely with your business to develop and implement a social media marketing strategy that is designed to grow your audience, keep them engaged and turn them into customers.

Get in touch with the team at The Digital Factory for more information about our monthly social media management packages. Call (07) 3186 7154.

Why Use Social Media?

Social media platforms allow brands and businesses to tap into their target audience, building a community that they can then market their products and services to. Active social media accounts play an important role in any digital marketing strategy and they can serve a number of different purposes including:

  • Keeping your existing customers and clients updated
  • Building brand awareness and growing your audience
  • Distributing your marketing messages to a wider audience
  • Establishing yourself as a thought leader within your industry
  • Providing a communication channel for existing and potential customers to ask you questions about your products or services

Active social media accounts add a face and personality to your brand and are expected by consumers. It has become common practice to research a brand or business on Facebook or Instagram prior to purchasing them, and if you don’t have a presence on these platforms then you could be missing out on sales.

Social Media Management Inclusions:

Our social media management packages include:

  • Monthly content calendar with planned posts
  • 3 – 5 posts per week per social media account
  • Daily management of messages, comments and account activity
  • Management of a small promotional budget (eg. Boosting Facebook or Instagram posts)

Packages can be tailored to include additional posts and posting on multiple accounts. For more information, get in touch with The Digital Factory on (07) 3186 7154.

Our Process:

Your social media manager will work with you to create a social media strategy that lists your goals, platforms and target audiences along with the type of content that we will post on your behalf. They will then create a monthly content calendar that you will have access to so that you can review all upcoming posts and content.

At the start of each month you will have a 15 minute meeting with your social media manager to discuss what your business has planned over the coming month as well as an ‘hot topics’ that everyone is talking about in your industry at the moment. We’ll then use this information to plan out your posts for the month, using a combination of articles, videos, graphics, photos and text-based posts to keep your audience engaged.

We will also monitor all daily activity on your account – we will reply to all comments and messages and pass along any enquiries or requests that your account receives. You can be as involved as you would like with your social media accounts and we encourage you to post additional ‘in the moment’ content whenever the opportunity arises.

Social Media Management Packages:

Get in touch with The Digital Factory to discuss our social media management packages in more detail. Call (07) 3186 7154.