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Branding and Logo Design Services

Branding and logo design are an important part of a business’s marketing. Your branding communicates who you are and what you do for your target audience. A logo is far more than just a picture, it’s a personality too. It uses colours, fonts, language and visual elements to connect with customers, making your business memorable and ‘sticky’.

The Digital Factory provide branding and logo design services for Australian businesses. Based in Brisbane, we have a team of marketing strategists and graphic designers who specialise in creating and implementing strong brands for a wide range of businesses and industries. More than just a logo design, our branding packages begin with in-depth market research and include benchmarking documentation as well as business card, letterhead and email signature designs.

For more information about our branding and logo design services, please get in touch with the team at The Digital Factory on (07) 3186 7154.

Our Branding Process:

At Digital Factory, we provide comprehensive branding design and implementation services. We start by interviewing you to discover what makes your business special (your point of difference), who your target audience is and what your brand personality is.

We then conduct market research to discover what your competitors are doing, and where your business fits within the industry. All this information goes into a brand benchmarking document that is then used as a guide to select your brand colours, fonts and eventually, design your logo. The result is a brand that fits your business perfectly – it communicates who you are and what you do, it connects with your target audience and it stands apart from your competitors, making it memorable.

Once the branding and logo are complete, we roll them out across several touchpoints including your business cards, email signature and letterheads. Additional marketing collateral such as brochures, car wraps, signage and uniforms are also available.

Our branding packages include:

  • Logo design provided in a range of print-ready and digital file formats including the full colour (positive) and monochrome (negative / reverse) options.
  • Brand benchmarking documentation
  • Business card design
  • Email stationery / signature
  • Letterhead
  • Visual language package

Branding and Logo Design Services

Get in touch with The Digital Factory to discuss our branding and logo design services in more detail. Call (07) 3186 7154.