Website Development

Website Development Services

The Digital Factory have been designing and developing websites for over ten years. We have a talented team who perfectly pair visual aesthetics with functionality, creating websites that are both beautiful and user-friendly.

Our process for developing websites has evolved over the past decade resulting in a fast, stress-free experience for all of our clients – for more information or to book an initial consultation, please get in touch with the team at The Digital Factory on (07) 3186 7154.

Custom Website Development:

A great website doesn’t just look great, it works great too. Here at the Digital Factory we’ll not only give you a great looking website but one that prioritises functionality. One that showcases all the important information about your products and services clearly and logically making it easy for your customers to navigate the website and find all the information they are looking for. One that loads quickly so customers don’t get bored waiting around for your content to appear which can ultimately lead to them leaving your website and you losing a sale. A website that showcases your capabilities while guiding users towards a conversion.

Having built so many websites, we understand what does and doesn’t work. We have developed an efficient process for designing, building and launching branded websites that perform well in search engines while also generating conversions for your business. Visit our portfolio to see some examples of our previous web design and development, or get in touch on (07) 3186 7154 to request a website quote.

The Process:

Here at the Digital Factory, we want to get to know you. All our website development projects start with an in-depth interview with the owner and/or manager of the business. This is one of the most important steps as we get to know your business from top to bottom which helps us deliver an excellent product tailored to you and your specific needs.

We ask a lot of questions about your products and services, your target audience, your industry, what has and hasn’t worked for you in the past and what sets you apart from your competitors.

Having this information is key to creating a website that connects with users, converting them into customers or clients.

After our initial meeting we move to the research and development phase. We’ll sit down with all the info you’ve given us and start designing your website from the ground up. The Digital Factory takes charge of the entire website project from start to finish. Taking into consideration how you would like your website to look and function, we’ll use our industry experience and marketing expertise to build you a website that works. We take care of every element of the website including the design and layout, the development, and all the text/content.

Having professionals write your website text on your behalf ensures that your message is communicated clearly and also allows us to optimise the content so the website performs well in Google and search engine results pages.

Following the research and development phase of project we’ll put together a model of how your website will look, including all text, which will be passed on for your seal of approval before the website is coded and goes live to the world!

Website Design and Development

Get in touch with The Digital Factory to discuss our website design and development services in more detail. Call (07) 3186 7154.


Branding and Logo Design Services

Branding and logo design are an important part of a business’s marketing. Your branding communicates who you are and what you do for your target audience. A logo is far more than just a picture, it’s a personality too. It uses colours, fonts, language and visual elements to connect with customers, making your business memorable and ‘sticky’.

The Digital Factory provide branding and logo design services for Australian businesses. Based in Brisbane, we have a team of marketing strategists and graphic designers who specialise in creating and implementing strong brands for a wide range of businesses and industries. More than just a logo design, our branding packages begin with in-depth market research and include benchmarking documentation as well as business card, letterhead and email signature designs.

For more information about our branding and logo design services, please get in touch with the team at The Digital Factory on (07) 3186 7154.

Our Branding Process:

At Digital Factory, we provide comprehensive branding design and implementation services. We start by interviewing you to discover what makes your business special (your point of difference), who your target audience is and what your brand personality is.

We then conduct market research to discover what your competitors are doing, and where your business fits within the industry. All this information goes into a brand benchmarking document that is then used as a guide to select your brand colours, fonts and eventually, design your logo. The result is a brand that fits your business perfectly – it communicates who you are and what you do, it connects with your target audience and it stands apart from your competitors, making it memorable.

Once the branding and logo are complete, we roll them out across several touchpoints including your business cards, email signature and letterheads. Additional marketing collateral such as brochures, car wraps, signage and uniforms are also available.

Our branding packages include:

  • Logo design provided in a range of print-ready and digital file formats including the full colour (positive) and monochrome (negative / reverse) options.
  • Brand benchmarking documentation
  • Business card design
  • Email stationery / signature
  • Letterhead
  • Visual language package

Branding and Logo Design Services

Get in touch with The Digital Factory to discuss our branding and logo design services in more detail. Call (07) 3186 7154.


Professional SEO Services for Australian Businesses

The Digital Factory have been providing professional SEO services for over a decade. We have helped hundreds of clients increase their organic website traffic by improving their rankings on search engine results pages, and we pride ourselves on providing a transparent service that Australian business owners can trust.

Our team work closely with clients to create a list of keywords to target based on extensive research. We then optimise your website for these keywords or terms before turning our attention to off-page factors such as link building, social sharing and more.

If you’d like more information about our SEO service, please get in touch with the team at The Digital Factory on (07) 3186 7154.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for ‘search engine optimisation’, and it is the process of improving your website and content so that it performs better in search engine results pages (SERPs) such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Search engines use a complex algorithm when determining how your website ranks in comparison to your competitors – Google’s algorithm looks at over 200 different on-page and off-page factors to decide where to rank your website.

SEO aims to increase the amount of organic website traffic your site receives by optimising it for the different algorithmic factors.

The Digital Factory’s SEO service includes:

  • On-page optimisation of content including content length and relevancy, page formatting, keyword density etc.
  • Technical issues such as website speed, mobile usability, SSL certification etc.
  • Off-page factors such as link building and social sharing
  • Meta-data, schema markup and rich snippets

Why Do SEO?

Search traffic from Google and other search engines have one of the highest conversion rates compared to other marketing channels. When people search for something in Google, they are actively searching for information about that keyword – this means that there is intent to purchase.

SEO is a necessity for any business operating in a competitive industry. There are only 10 organic listings on the first page of Google, and if your business is not one of them then you are not going to be seen because majority of users don’t click past the first page of Google. That means that you are missing out on getting your brand and website in front of people who are actively seeking your products or services.

Search Engine Optimisation Services

Get in touch with The Digital Factory to discuss our full range of search engine optimisation packages. Call (07) 3186 7154.


Google AdWords Management Services

The Digital Factory provide Australian businesses with professional Google AdWords management services. Our experienced team are all Google AdWords certified and have been creating, optimising and managing AdWords accounts for over 10 years. We work closely with our clients to ensure that we are targeting keywords and terms that not only drive traffic to your website or landing page, but which also have high conversion rates resulting in more sales, bookings or enquiries.

If you would like more information about Google AdWords and our management services, please get in touch with the team at The Digital Factory on (07) 3186 7154.

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords are text-based advertisements that sit on Google’s search engine results pages. They are the fastest and most cost-effective way to get your website listing on the front page of Google for a wide range of keywords. You also have control over the text and content that is shown to users, allowing you to control how your brand is represented in Google.

We recommend that all new websites are supported by an AdWords campaign – Google can take a while to start ranking new websites, so having an AdWords campaign will ensure that you can start driving traffic to your new website straight away.

Our AdWords Service:

The Digital Factory’s Google AdWords services are available for any Australian business of any size in any industry. We can work with an existing AdWords account or campaign, or we can create a new account from scratch for you. Our team will work with you to create an initial list of keywords to target, and we will constantly update the list, looking for new keyword opportunities and removing terms that aren’t performing.

We also manage your AdWords budget, ensuring that your account doesn’t over-spend, and that you have a healthy ROI. We’ll also set up conversion and event tracking to ensure that we are meeting any required goals or KPIs.

Google AdWords vs SEO Services:

The Digital Factory provide Google AdWords and SEO services. Generally, we recommend investing in both services for a comprehensive presence in Google, but if you are only able to use one service then we can help you select the best option for your circumstances.

The best thing about Google AdWords is that it is fast – we can have ads up and running, driving traffic to your website by the end of the week. You also get to select the exact keywords that you want to rank for, and determine exactly how your adverts should appear. Google AdWords is also one of the easiest advertising channels to measure ROI on due to all of the built-in tracking and reporting tools that are available.

The biggest downfall of Google AdWords is that as soon as you turn off your ads, your website will stop appearing in Google. Also, a lot of users have become immune to Google ads and will scroll straight past them to get to the organic listings.

SEO in comparison to AdWords is a lot slower. It can take several weeks for you to start noticing a change in your website traffic, and the build-up can be quite slow if your industry is particularly competitive. The biggest benefits of SEO are that the results are longer-lasting than AdWords – if you skip a month of SEO, your website won’t disappear from Google overnight. You will also be able to capture the users who don’t like to click on ads and who only ever select organic listings. You also don’t have total control over how your organic listings will appear with SEO – we can specify metadata for the page, but often Google will select a section of the page content that it feels is the most relevant to the keyword that the user is searching for.

If you would like more information about the differences between Google AdWords and search engine optimisation then get in touch with The Digital Factory – we are more than happy to have a chat about which option will suit your business the best.

Google AdWords Management

Get in touch with The Digital Factory to discuss our Google AdWords management packages in more detail. Call (07) 3186 7154.

Social Media

Monthly Social Media Management

The Digital Factory provides monthly social media management services for a range of different social platforms including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest. Our team of content marketers have a strong understanding of the different platforms and the types of content and messaging that perform best on each platform. They will work closely with your business to develop and implement a social media marketing strategy that is designed to grow your audience, keep them engaged and turn them into customers.

Get in touch with the team at The Digital Factory for more information about our monthly social media management packages. Call (07) 3186 7154.

Why Use Social Media?

Social media platforms allow brands and businesses to tap into their target audience, building a community that they can then market their products and services to. Active social media accounts play an important role in any digital marketing strategy and they can serve a number of different purposes including:

  • Keeping your existing customers and clients updated
  • Building brand awareness and growing your audience
  • Distributing your marketing messages to a wider audience
  • Establishing yourself as a thought leader within your industry
  • Providing a communication channel for existing and potential customers to ask you questions about your products or services

Active social media accounts add a face and personality to your brand and are expected by consumers. It has become common practice to research a brand or business on Facebook or Instagram prior to purchasing them, and if you don’t have a presence on these platforms then you could be missing out on sales.

Social Media Management Inclusions:

Our social media management packages include:

  • Monthly content calendar with planned posts
  • 3 – 5 posts per week per social media account
  • Daily management of messages, comments and account activity
  • Management of a small promotional budget (eg. Boosting Facebook or Instagram posts)

Packages can be tailored to include additional posts and posting on multiple accounts. For more information, get in touch with The Digital Factory on (07) 3186 7154.

Our Process:

Your social media manager will work with you to create a social media strategy that lists your goals, platforms and target audiences along with the type of content that we will post on your behalf. They will then create a monthly content calendar that you will have access to so that you can review all upcoming posts and content.

At the start of each month you will have a 15 minute meeting with your social media manager to discuss what your business has planned over the coming month as well as an ‘hot topics’ that everyone is talking about in your industry at the moment. We’ll then use this information to plan out your posts for the month, using a combination of articles, videos, graphics, photos and text-based posts to keep your audience engaged.

We will also monitor all daily activity on your account – we will reply to all comments and messages and pass along any enquiries or requests that your account receives. You can be as involved as you would like with your social media accounts and we encourage you to post additional ‘in the moment’ content whenever the opportunity arises.

Social Media Management Packages:

Get in touch with The Digital Factory to discuss our social media management packages in more detail. Call (07) 3186 7154.


Professional Blogging and Copywriting Services

The Digital Factory have an in-house team of copywriters who provide a professional blogging service for our clients. All of our blog articles are well researched and keyword optimised to perform well in search engine results pages. In addition to blogging, our copywriters are also available for writing whitepapers, website content, bios, brochure content and just about any other type of text content.

For more information about our copywriting and blogging service, please get in touch with The Digital Factory on (07) 3186 7154.

Professional Blogging Service:

The perfect accompaniment to any website, a blog is an easy way to retain audience attention by providing them with useful information pertaining to your products, services or industry. The Digital Factory offer a blog writing service providing researched, optimised blog articles for your brand or business. Our team of professional writers have backgrounds in a number of different areas including finance, legal, tech, marketing, creative industries, construction and hospitality, ensuring we can cater for a wide range of industries. Having a solid background knowledge across so many areas means we can cater to you by writing effective and accurate blog articles and content that connect with your intended audience.

You dictate what we write:

We work closely with our clients to ensure that the content we produce aligns with brand image and values. Have your say or hand the reins over to us, we’ll deliver high quality, well researched blog posts fit for you and your business, and provide your readers with value.

Guest Blogging:

Guest blogging involves writing blog articles for your brand or business that will be published on someone else’s website. This is a great way to get your brand or business in-front of a wider audience and to drive traffic back to your own website. An example of this might be an industry publication or community website that accepts guest posts or sponsored content. Our team of marketing strategist can help you research guest blogging opportunities within your industry and then plan and execute a series of content to be published.

Professional Copywriters:

In addition to blogging services, we also provide a full range of professional copywriting services including:

  • Website copy / content
  • Whitepapers, guides and manuals
  • Brochures, flyers and other marketing collateral
  • Social media profiles, directory listings and other online platforms
  • Content for sponsored articles
  • Ghost writing services for magazines and online publications

Professional Blogging and Writing Services

Get in touch with The Digital Factory to discuss our full range of professional blogging, copywriting and content creation services. Call (07) 3186 7154.